Automatic Sales funnels for
leads, engagement & Conversion

completely automated

Gain leads, engage with your audience, and close sales in your sleep

find the perfect clients

Use your new sales funnel to sift through the duds and find the real clients

cultivate relationships with your audience

Bridge the gap between cold prospects and hot leads with Nurturing Email Sequences


wasting your time

chasing leads by yourself

angry businessman


losing money

focusing your efforts in the wrong way

empty piggybank


missing clients

from not having a funnel to capture interests

man and woman stressed in shop

You are



losing money

without a proper

sales funnel

start capturing leads, engaging visitors and converting browsers.
all in your sleep.

The Complete funnel

It all starts with the Free Lead-Gen Asset. This high-value asset will be given away for free to your audience and contain truly valuable information targeted to your ideal client.

We will engineer Digital Ad Campaigns to get this asset out to the market. This, paired with a proper CRM and Sales Cycle internally, will provide bulk leads.

We will use a crafted Automated Email Marketing Campaign over the course of 5-7 days, nurturing the interest you have peaked. Following, a custom-written sales letter will arrive in the leads inbox.

They will be called to action and directed to your website, which we recommend building with us as well. This entire process is the funnel, and if your business doesn't have one yet in 2020, you're losing money.

lead-generating free asset

capture interest without commitment

leads in bulk

build a database of potential clients to pull from

5-7 automated Email campaign

nuture your full leads through a crafted email sequence

FINAL sales letter

Invoke the Sale and direct to your website

conversion-focused website

reinforce your messaging with a website designed to convert

high-quality, hot leads

End up with a filtered, focused list of legitimate, hot clients ready to buy

the 4-Step plan


Schedule a free discovery call

This free, 15 minute phone call gives you the opportunity to ask any preliminary questions you have about the process and allows us to determine how we can best serve you. 


onboarding session

This 1 hour in-person session allows us to meet face-to-face and share some laughs. We want to learn everything: why you're in business, who you serve, what problems you solve, etc. We're about to build a marketing tool that will shatter your bottom line, so we want to make sure that we truly understand what makes you unique.


craft your sales funnel & Automations

We create a Lead-Generating Asset, Ad Campaigns for said Asset, Automated Email Sequencing, Sales Letters, and if included, a Conversion-focused Website.


feed the machine while you sleep

Pair your new Sales Funnel, Automations, and/or Website with a robust CRM and sales workflow to maximize your profits and send your brand into a new age!

IS your brand being found?


Let Indy Web Designers & The Virtual Marketing Directors introduce you to Search Engine Optimization. Small, bite-sized bits of information allows you to take your first steps into optimizing your brand's SEO. Download for free now!

SEO Crash Course Book

sales funnel &
SEO Pricing

Build Your Marketing framework

Lead Generating Asset$2,500
Sales Letter$2,000
CRM Installation & Consultation$2,000
Automated Email Marketing Campaign$3,000
Google Ads Campaign Design & Management$1,000+/month
Facebook/Reddit/Instagram Ads Campaign Design & Management$1,000+/month
SEO: Backlink Creation$150+/month
SEO: Blog Content Creation$150+/month
SEO: Authority Site Guest Posting$300+/month
SEO: Local$300+/month
SEO: Reviews$250+/month

if you're doing business
right now without a
sales funnel.... are setting your
brand up for failure.

don't lose to the
success of your

prepare for growth
with a digital sales
funnel today!

ready to start crushing your
bottom line?

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