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We know how hard it is to run a small business and maintain a cutting-edge web presence. 

With all of the technology out there, how do you know if you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing with SEO, creating a mobile-friendly website, and keeping up to date on the latest in web & technology?

On top of all of that, you need a website that actually engages visitors to do business with you.  You most likely don't have a marketing degree, so how are you supposed to be able to create the right words in the right order that makes people want to work with you?

Fortunately for you, you have just found a team of trained copywriters and developers that can take care of all of this for you.

It is easy to let your website get to the bottom of your to-do list.  But you will eventually pay for it as your competitors continue to up their marketing game.  

That is why we create amazing looking websites with custom made content that speaks to your specific audience.  We use the StoryBrand Marketing Framework to create a clear clean message that is easy to understand.  It also lays out the plan for people to do business with you so they always know what the next step will be.  


So, here is what you get:

  • StoryBrand Messaging - We will create the 7 pieces of the StoryBrand Framework for your business.  You can use these in additional marketing content you create like brochures or emails.

  • Custom Website - We build your website from the ground up.  No pre-made designs or extra code that only slows your website down.  Your website will include your lead generator and utilize your current SalesForce integration to your CMS.  

  • Custom Lead Generator- We will create, write, and design a beautiful 2-3 page PDF document.  We will brainstorm a few topics for you and allow you to choose the topic that you think will resonate best with your audience.

  • Nurturing Email Campaign - Once a visitor has requested your lead generator, we will create a 5 email follow up campaign that is designed to move them from warm lead to a hot lead.  We will review email subject lines with you that follow up on the content provided in the lead generator.  If you do not currently have an email management program, we will utilize MailChimp for you.

  • Sales Letter - The final piece of your sales funnel is a detailed sales letter that explains the problems that you can solve and your custom solution that will help alleviate their external, internal, and philosophical problem.

  • Website Portal - You have access to your website through your very own customer portal.  You can send us images, videos, files, logos, pretty much anything through this portal.

  • Feedback Tool - You get access to your very own feedback tool that allows you to provide us your thoughts on your website as we build it.  This is much faster than trying to provide feedback just via email.

  • SEO Built-In -  We design all of our sites with the latest best practices for Search Engine Optimization.  That way your website loads quickly and has tons of keywords built into it.  This will greatly improve your ranking on Google.

  • Continuous Support - We build relationships with each one of our clients.  That is why we support every website we build with 5-Star Support.  Anytime you need to make a change or update, you just email us.  We make the change within 48 hours (usually sooner).  We also monitor your site for any issues that may come up so that you can sleep soundly knowing your website is making your money while you sleep.
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How to Get Started


Sign your name at the bottom of this proposal - that just tells us that you have read it and agree to get started with us.


Complete your initial invoice - We will send you an invoice to your email via Quickbooks.  Just complete the steps in the email to make your initial payment.


Schedule our Onboarding Meeting - Once we have the proposal and initial invoice, we will schedule a time for us to meet.  During this meeting, we really dig into your business.  We also introduce you to your client portal.


Content Creation - After our meeting, we will begin to create those 7 messages from the StoryBrand Framework.  Then we will use those messages to create the words we will use for your website.  We will send this to you for your feedback and approval.


Website Creation - Only after we have the right words do we begin to create your website.


Revision - Once we have created the first draft of your website, we will send you a link to provide feedback.  Most clients find that 2 rounds of revisions are suitable.


Launch - Once you are completely satisfied with your website, we will transfer your domain to your new website and it will be live to the world!


Support - Now that your website is live, we will help by monitoring traffic and taking care of any updates or changes that you need.


Your Investment

Your website is your digital face to the world.  It is often the first thing people see about your business.  You often get what you pay for.  We provide amazing products to our clients because that is what we would expect for ourselves.  We treat every website that we build like it is our own.  

Most of our clients see a noticeable increase in traffic and in business within a few months of launching their new website.  As with any marketing dollars you spend, you should expect a return.  

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Total project fee: _______

We collect 50% of the project fee upfront and the final 50% upon completion and launch of your website.

On-Going Support

We will host, manage, and protect your website for as long as you keep it.  We provide this service at a very minimal rate for our clients compared to our competitors.  

Your monthly hosting and support fee is ________

We will provide a link to submit payment for this once your website is launched.  You will only have to do this once and then it will recur on a monthly basis.  

This includes and minor updates and changes to your website.  If you want any larger-scale changes like whole new pages or a complete site redesign, we would be happy to schedule a conversation to discuss those details.  

website setup

When it comes to your website, you want to know you're getting the best investment for your marketing dollars.  We know how important it is for you to see a return on your investment.  

So we wanted to provide a few examples of websites we have either completed or are in-process for you to see our work.

ABL Adoptions - ABL came to us wanting to create multiple websites for their company.  Their original website was trying to target both birth mothers and adoptive families.  We have now created two websites for ABL each one targeting a specific audience.  This way we could taylor the message specifically to the target audience.  This site is built for birth mothers.  You can also click here to view a video that shows a before and after of their websites.  

The Fixxe by Vanished - This is the second website we have done for this company.  Their focus is on salon, spa, and body treatments and are based in Bloomington.  They are opening a new location in Columbus, Indiana.  This location will focus on body treatments for both men and women.  It is still in the design phase but will give you an idea of design styles we can create.

common FAq's

We are able to complete most websites in about 1 month.  Some of this will be determined by how quickly you are able to provide the content and images we need for your website.  While we are happy to find images to use for your site, and those are included in our pricing, we always like to include your own custom photos.  We have an easy to use customer portal that allows you to upload images including your logo very quickly.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a very broad topic.  There is no "one-way" to do SEO.  We take a fully comprehensive approach to making sure your new website will be found by your potential leads.  This includes all of the "back-end" details like ALT tags, Meta-data, specific titles and descriptions, as well as optimizing images for faster page load times.  

We also use different tools to find additional keywords that Google has indexed related to your basic search terms.  This helps us understand how people are searching for you.  All of this is included in your project fee.

We also provide "front-end" SEO services.  This would include blog writing, developing backlinks to your website, and improving your location search in Google "Map Pack".  These are additional services that we provide.  If you are interested, please let us know or see our website for pricing.

You own your website.  We will host it on our cloud based servers for as long as you choose us as your hosting provider.  In the case that you want to move your website to a different hosting service, we will provide all of your website files to you.

This includes all of the costs of hosting (storing all of the data that your website uses), security, backing up your site, and support.  Things that are include in "support" are making changes to your current site like changing wording, adding or editing images, adding a video, changing an offering or product (if you have e-commerce) and adding blog articles or testimonials.  

We also run quarterly Site Checks on your website.  We are always staying current in the latest updates from Google and around the web on how to optimize your website.  Any updates that we can make on the back-end, we will make for you automatically.  Any updates that would change the customer facing side of your website are approved by you before we make any changes.  You will receive an email each quarter with the results of your site check.  This way you can have peace of mind knowing your website is fully optimized all of the time.

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